Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Month Mama

 I'm still here.  Still pregnant.  Still trying to be patient.

As I approach 41 weeks, I'm hopeful that I'll be holding my sweet baby by next weekend.

Until then, I am holding this sweet baby...

Who am I kidding?  They're all my babies, even the handsome, ornery tween that is too big to hold.

Until I have something to announce, I'll just be here holding my baby... trying to be patient.

About the photo:
A local photographer had a vision for a photo she titled "The Life Giver."  She took this amazing picture of us and shared it for World Breastfeeding Week.  I was a bit shocked at the response.  There were less comments about breastfeeding during pregnancy and more about our family size.  I think I've heard it all before so I try not to pay much attention to those who don't have anything nice to say.    
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