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Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Flashback and Some Potty Talk

Did anyone catch me yesterday when I posted the old pictures of the girls? That wasn't the babies wrestling on the floor. That baby pulling hair is my sweet, little Sarah. And Leila was her victim. Fortunately the babies have not yet learned to fight. Give them a few more weeks. I'm sure they'll figure it out.

Some of you noticed Leila's diaper in the last picture yesterday. It's actually a Happy Heinys fitted diaper. She wears them at night since she is (mostly) out of diapers during the day and pitches a royal fit if I try to put one on her at night. I just tell her the fitted diapers without covers are not real diapers. She seems to believe me.

Speaking of diapers, can anyone tell me when I should be concerned that Joshua is still wetting his pants each day? It's been a year and a half now since it started. He doesn't show any signs of any physical problem. There was no traumatic event. Unless living in our house is traumatic... which it sure is for me, but not so much for the kids. I hope. He just waits until he can't hold it and no amount of scheduled bathroom breaks seems to help. He is still in diapers at night, which is not really a concern since we have a family history of bed wetters. But really, this boy would be perfectly happy to wear a diaper each day. And he's four. What am I doing wrong here?

I'm up to my ears in diapers! Sometimes literally! Sarah is showing no signs of potty training. Isn't it odd that S & L are identical twins and yet L has been using the potty for months and S still has no interest? They are so different. But Sarah had better learn soon because I'm about to send her out to poop with the dog. I'd be perfectly happy to never change another poopy toddler diaper for as long as I live. Baby poop? No problem! Toddler poop? Gag! There's something about finding undigested corn kernels or bits of crayon wrapper in a pile of doo doo that just doesn't sit well with me.

I remember when the girls were little and I had 4 in diapers and thought it couldn't get much worse than that. And then I had twins again. And I'm changing diapers all day, every day. But I suppose it could be worse because I could have octuplets in diapers. Can you imagine?

With all of the potty and diaper talk, I was reminded of this old video of the girls. Kissaluvs had a contest a year or two ago and I had created this little video as my entry. We won runner-up and got some free diapers. I wish they'd have another contest because the babies go through diapers like crazy right now and I can never have too many.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Little Guy Speaks

Dear Mommy,

I am sorry that I keep biting you when I'm nursing. Teething is tough for both of us I guess! But please, can you buy me some new diapers? Pink is just not my color.



P.S. Please pray for the Whitt Family.

Monday, November 03, 2008


EDITED TO ADD: I am 99% sure that the accidents are unrelated to the babies-or any other changes around here. This started months before I was even pregnant and I can't think of any incident that might have triggered it. It's been going on for well over a year but the doctor dismissed it as not being a concern because he has no other physical symptoms. I am going to try using the timer idea. Right now he sits there shaking his legs and very obviously holding it in so I know that he could make it in time. I'll make another doctor's appointment too and see if they'll do a blood test to rule out diabetes. I have no idea what else it could be...

The Q & A post is coming but first I have to ask you all a question.

Joshua is 4 years old. Almost 4 1/2 now.

Last fall Joshua started to have to pee very frequently. I specifically remember our trip home last Thanksgiving when he peed 12 times on the 9-hour trip. And he hadn't had a drop to drink in the van.

I made him a doctor's appointment just to be sure it wasn't a UTI although he had no other symptoms to note. The doctor talked about diabetes but again, no symptoms other than the peeing.

Fast forward a few weeks and J started peeing in his pants. At first it was rare. Then it was once a day. Now it is several times a day, everyday. Although today he only did it once so go figure... It seems that he can hold it because when we are out he doesn't pee in his pants. But when he gets the urge he has to go immediately. As a result we are constantly pulling over on the side of the road, in parking lots, etc.

Joshua has been out of diapers for 2 years. He has always wet the bed at night and still does. Matthew wet the bed until just after his 4th birthday so I'm not concerned about that part. J's constant accidents are getting old though! The other day I actually put him back in diapers and he was fine with that. Usually he is wearing training pants but they were all in the wash.

My sanity cannot handle 5 children in diapers all day. Please help! Suggestions? Advice? It seems that he has frequent urination but I don't know what could be causing it. And I suspect that he is just too lazy to stop playing to go as frequently as his bladder needs him to go. Have any of you experienced this before?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Is it really possible that I will be having 2 more babies in the next 3 weeks? Seriously?!

That's right folks, I'm 37 weeks. "Full term." If the boys follow their sisters' lead then they could arrive in just 2 more weeks. I'm torn between wanting them to stay in as long as possible and just wanting them to come out already so I can walk/eat/sleep/be normal again.

Here's the bump at 37 weeks. It looks so small to me! I think it's their positions since one baby is transverse. I haven't gained any weight in almost 3 weeks (I'm only at 204 now, more than 15 lbs less than when I had the girls) but my belly is still growing. Fundal height is measuring 52cm. (I measured 57cm when the girls were born.)

Still, these babies are growing well and looking good. Baby A weighed about 7lbs, 1 oz at our last appointment. Baby B measured about 6lbs, 10 oz. They had a hard time measuring Baby B because his head is up under my rib cage.

There was also a moment of panic when the technicians saw 2 heads down low and said both babies were vertex. I knew that couldn't be right and when they checked up under my ribs, there was Baby B. This led to a few frantic minutes of looking over previous u/s images to determine that I am indeed having twins and NOT triplets. I think I'd know if there was a third in there, don't you?

I'm excited to announce that these boys finally have names! I'm disappointed that Jason wouldn't compromise more but I guess he is trying to be as stubborn as me. In my defense, I came up with at least 2 dozen names that I liked. He offered 3 names, one of which I finally agreed to use. My choices would have been Andrew Thomas and Nathan Peter (my dad is a Peter) but Jason was adamant about not using those names. In the end, we decided to go with Nathan Jared and Ryan Joseph. Hopefully those names will grow on me... I wasn't thrilled with Leila's name (also Jason's choice) but I can't imagine her named anything else now.

Speaking of Leila, that girl has been so mischievous lately! She found a marker that Matthew had brought out to the living room (a big no-no in our house) and colored on the walls in the hall, doorway, and foyer. She also drew all over herself and a little on Sarah.

The remnants of her last escapade have finally made their way up from the depths of the toilet. After plunging and using a pipe snake, we removed 2 tubes of toothpaste, a tube of lotion, a bar of soap, and a bottle lid. The missing toothbrushes must have made their way to the sewers by now since they never did come back up. At least the clog is gone and we have a functioning toilet in the kids' bathroom again.

And while we're talking plumbing, the repair guy finally came. The news was not good. My dad was right. (Isn't he always right?) Time for a new dishwasher. After less than 3 years and after approximately 7,000 loads of dishes, our dishwasher bit the dust. He moved on to Appliance Hell. A quick trip to Home Depot and (several hundred dollars later) we are the proud owners of a shiny, fantastic new dishwasher. I love this dishwasher. I'd marry it if I could. It almost makes me want to stay here and not move. OK, not really...

Lately my boys have discovered the joys of kitchen acrobatics. It's a scary thing and it often leaves dirty footprints in strange places. Both of them can climb to the top of the door jamb and touch their heads to the frame. Thank goodness I am so swollen and fat or they'd have to jump down fast when they get caught. Instead, they stay up there until I'm just within reach and then drop down in a way that makes me sure we will be visiting the ER in the near future.
Last week 3 friends and I got together and had dinner for my "blessingway." They gave me beads for a labor necklace and some adorable baby clothes as well as a gift certificate to get a pedicure. Now you have all seen my feet, so be honest. Would YOU want to give me a pedicure in this condition? Because I'm a crazy woman and I actually intend to go get one this week. I will wear shoes for at least 4 hours prior to getting there so at least the swelling will be minimized as much as possible. I just hope the poor lady doesn't refuse to do the pedicure. THAT would be embarrassing.
After talking to my mom last week I went on a sewing kick. She'd asked if I had everything I need for the babies and I told her that I should get some more diapers but that was it. She asked why I haven't sewn any myself. After all, I've had a cloth diapering store for almost 5 years now. She knows what I have in my office.
Nesting urge newly activated, I set out to cut fabric. I cut and I cut and I cut. I made plain PUL covers, cutesy fabric covers, fitted diapers, and even some embellished prefolds.
The cutsey fabric covers are lined with coordinating PUL and have a coordinating touchtape closure. They're trimmed in FOE. If you don't know anything about cloth diapers, just smile and nod.

The finished product:
18 diaper covers
4 fitted diapers
6 embellished prefolds

The fitted diapers are made out of 2 layers of blue sherpa and have a recycled infant prefold inside (cut into a contoured soaker shape) with a snap closure. Joshua helped me apply the snaps so one diaper is now "second quality." We had fun though!

There are 4 sets of matching covers and prefolds. I think they are just adorable! I love dipping into my fabric stash and making something useful. Here are pictures of the sets:

This afternoon I made beanbags for M & J so they'd have something new to play with when the babies come. I'll have to take pictures of them tomorrow. I also cut out more fabric to make the girls a couple of diaper covers. Maybe then they'll decide to use the potty once and for all.

Tonight I inflated the birth pool and put down the tarp. My bedroom is ready to go with birth supplies organized and even the hose attached to one of our bathroom sinks. I'm not sure if it was a good or bad idea to set it up so soon. I have a feeling I may curse at the pool many times during the next 2-3 weeks. But hey, the babies COULD come tonight, right? I mean, anything is possible!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

It's starting to hit me that this time (this chaotic time) is actually the calm before the storm.

I was going to title this post "100 Reasons I Hate Living in the South" but I don't want to get hate mail. Instead, I will just say that I can't WAIT to move! I am definitely not cut out for living down here. The heat, the humidity... the BUGS! I found a scorpion in my bedroom this morning. I almost stepped on it barefoot. That would have been great, right?

Instead of being negative, I'm going to focus on the positive. The positive side of finding the scorpion? My dad is here so I just called him in and he took care of it for me. I love my dad!

The kids have dubbed my dad "Granddad with No Hair" because, ever since I was in high school, my dad shaves his head bald. The boys are having a blast with their granddad because he takes them down to the lake behind our house at least once a day, usually twice. They burn off so much energy! It's a huge help to me.

My goal while my dad is here has been to cook my freezer meals. So far I have 16 meals in the freezer and another 18 that I'm going to finish in the next 2-3 days. I'm considering this part of my nesting since I have this overwhelming urge to fill the freezer and be ready to enjoy my babymoon. I am so proud of myself! All this cooking and still no working dishwasher...

I finished dying diapers last week, including a set of prefolds for a friend. I've got stacks of diapers sitting in my dining room and plans to sort through the newborn diapers in the next few days. I have been procrastinating with the baby preparations, just as I did with the girls. I'm just afraid to get too excited just yet, until I'm holding them in my arms.

Today I hit 35 weeks. My weight gain is up 70 lbs now and I finally hit 200 lbs. Because of the babies' positions I think I look smaller than I did with the girls. I'll have to compare pictures next week.

The boys are starting to get back into the homeschooling routine although having my dad here has thrown us off a bit. Next week we'll really get down to business. M is in first grade this year and J is in kindergarten.

As a result of the haircutting fiasco from last week, I finally decided to cut the girls' hair. I trimmed Sarah's stray strands and cut several inches of of Leila's so that she no longer has that layered look. Her hair was down to the middle of her back but now it's up at her shoulders. I think it looks cute even though I'm sad to cut it. (It's not crooked but L's head was turned at an angle in the last picture here.)
Today my waterlily bloomed in our koi pond. It is the most beautiful sight! It's huge bud was closed when we woke up but then opened into this gorgeous flower. It closed up again this evening. It reminds me of my grandmother (who gave me the waterlily) and all of her koi ponds. She is my inspiration when I want to create things.
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