Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Eight!

After my longest pregnancy that felt like it would never result in a baby, I finally went into labor on Labor Day.  I guess eighth babies like to be unpredictable.  While I was pretty sure I'd hit the 42 week mark again, I never even considered that this baby might not arrive in August!  At 42 weeks and 4 days, my September baby arrived... just 3 days before Nathan and Ryan's birthday.

I had another VBA2C and this sweet babe was born in the water, in my bathroom.  Just like Seven.

We have a sweet baby GIRL!  Just like Seven.

She weighed 9 lbs, 9 oz.  Just like Seven.

And she's got a head full of black hair and squishy cheeks.  Just like Seven.

Seven loves her but is also willing to give her sister away when she's annoyed.  Seven is not thrilled about sharing milk but will tolerate it because Mommy insists.  You could say there's a teensy bit of jealousy.

We are all thrilled to have another baby girl in the house.  I'm excited for Amelia to have a sister close in age and I'm sure these two little girls will end up being best friends.

We are doing well and this sweet girl is such a joy.  She does have a tongue tie/lip tie that will be revised soon but otherwise things have been pretty great.  I still can't believe she's finally here!

I am also pleased to announce that we were able to name this baby girl in just over 3 days.  That's a major improvement over the 3+ weeks it took us to name Amelia.  We ended up choosing a name that was not on either of our lists but just seemed to fit her perfectly...

Violet Isabelle
September 1, 2014
10:26 pm
9 lbs, 9 oz
22 inches 

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