Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happenings in our house

It has been quite a summer in the House of Twinsanity.  I realize that I have basically dropped off of the face of the earth but if you could have seen what life has been like lately, you'd understand.

Spring was intense.  I have been attending births as a student midwife all year and there was a point this spring when we had 5 moms due in one month.  And that month just happened to coincide with a 5-week class that Jason was attending over 500 miles away.  And that was baseball season so I was spending hours at the ball field 4 nights a week.  Oh, and I have been taking classes toward my BS in Midwifery so there was that going on at the same time.  We were trying to sell our house here and I was carting lawnmowers across town to mow the yard and keep our listed house presentable.  Like I said, it was intense.

Then there was the month of July.  July was just rough.  There is no way to sugarcoat it.  I spent much of the month in a weepy daze.  We lost sweet Delmar and buried him on the 4th of July.  Our house sold but closing was delayed at the last minute and was pushed back from June into the month of July.  Jason was in a minor fender bender and sustained some damage to his car.  Leila injured her toe and I had to puncture a hole in her toenail to drain the blood that was causing her an incredible amount of pain.  I missed my last birth before maternity leave by just minutes.  I was stung by wasps on my very pregnant belly and broke out in hives that lasted for weeks.  July was not my friend.

August has been so much better.  Although I was overly ambitious in taking four classes this semester, I managed to finish on time and with straight A's.  I'm 40 weeks pregnant this week and will soon feel some relief from this summer heat and humidity.  We just had my dad visit for the most wonderful week where we felt loved, supported, and encouraged.  I was able to fill my freezer with meals for after the baby arrives and, in true Heather fashion, built Seven a cute toddler bed.  My dad's visit was just what I needed to finally feel ready to have this baby.  I'll admit that I was feel a little self-pity about this being my last baby and never having a Blessingway or the support of friends and family during this special time.  My dad flew in and just made me feel loved.  I think that was all that I needed.

Here are some highlights from the last few months...

 Seven and I had a few hours alone together (what?!) while the six big kids were at VBS.  It was so much fun to take her to the park and have people ask if she was my first child... almost as much fun as when I (rarely) run out sans kiddos and get asked if this is my first pregnancy.  

 Leila and Sarah had a birthday.  Joshua had a birthday.  We celebrated the birthdays of two neighbor friends.  Now we are ready to celebrate the new baby's birth and Nathan's and Ryan's birthday.

Matthew may not be a morning person, but he had fun at his last year of VBS.  Next year he'll get to be a volunteer instead.

Matthew and his baseball team warmed up on the field with the local minor league baseball team.

Seven attended her first baseball game.

This photo really reminds me of one that we took seven years ago...

...when Matthew was just a little guy.

I've been rocking the big belly look again.  This was a couple of months ago.  I'll spare you the photos of what my 40-week belly looks like right now.  (The awesome teething/nursing necklace is from Peacemaker Jewelry and I love it!)

Our weekly trip to Costco typically looks something like this now.  I wear Seven, Matthew pushes a cart with twin boys and I push a cart with twin girls.  Six years later and people still stop and stare.

The kiddos participated our library's summer reading program.

This was just before Delmar died.  

July 4

We've enjoyed some ice cream on a hot summer evening.

Seven has gotten cuter.  How is that possible?  She talks non-stop and is quite a character.

Sadly, there has only been one trip to the pool this year.  It is still really hard to take seven kids to the pool by myself.  When does that part get easier?

A rare photo of me.  Seven likes to ride on my bump when I wear her.  This girl has only been in a stroller twice.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the new baby gets here.  I thought our tandem babywearing (and nursing) days were over a few years ago.

Seven hoarded the beanbags at Jason's unit picnic.

20 months old

My dad entertaining the kids with his photos of Colorado.

My dad and the kids having dinner out.  Table for ten (and a half.)

Typical Jason.  Always making special faces when he sees someone taking his picture.  The maturity level is high in our house.  

I'm not sure who told my baby girls that they were allowed to grow up.  They may be the size of 5-year olds, but my babies are EIGHT.  How did that happen?

At some point in the coming days, I'll be back to announce our newest arrival.  For now, I try to be patient and enjoy what has turned out to be a pretty fantastic August.

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