Thursday, May 01, 2014

Eight is enough

Yep.  For those who haven't already heard (or seen) the news...  We're having one more baby.  This time it really is our last one.  Seriously!

I have had mixed emotions on the timing of this little blessing but as the weeks pass, I'm excited to meet Number Eight (aka "Hasht" in Farsi.)  The kids are thrilled... except Seven, who has no idea how we have just changed her life.  She'll figure it out soon.  I'm 25 weeks pregnant right now.

To say things have been busy here is a massive understatement.  In addition to the move and selling our house, Jason has a number of TDY assignments that take him away for weeks and months at a time.  In February, I started attending births again as a student midwife.  The big boys are playing baseball and I have added a new title to my resume- "chauffeur."  It's crazy/scary/wonderful in our family right now.

So that's the latest news from The House of Twinsanity...
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