Monday, February 17, 2014

Alive and Well

2014 has gotten off to an interesting start in our house...

We made it to Georgia and spent all of January cleaning up and repairing the mess our tenants made in our house.  We had a rare snow storm that saw the kids building miniature snowmen and making Georgia snow angels. Two weeks ago we moved into a rental home and listed our house for sale.  Currently we are still unpacking the last remaining boxes and trying to make this house our home. 

Last week we had a crazy ice storm that left most of the Augusta area without power and with massive amounts of tree damage to be cleaned up.  Matthew and I spent an entire day hauling tree debris to the curb yesterday and we still aren't done.  Then we head back to the old house to do more clean up there.  On Friday we had a rare earthquake, followed by an aftershock yesterday.  Apparently our house is too loud because we didn't even notice anything. 

We have been welcomed back to Georgia just in time for the apocalypse!

There's so much more to share but our new house has two levels and I haven't purchased any baby gates yet, so I'm off to save Seven from The Wooden Stairs of Death.
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