Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First day of school

We actually started school a few weeks ago since we are anticipating a big move in the middle of our school year.  As usual, it's taken me weeks to actually upload photos.  I can't help but look at these kids and wonder when they all grew up.  Isn't it crazy?
Matthew, 5th grade
Joshua, 4th grade (and a little of 5th grade too, just to keep things interesting)
Leila and Sarah (so serious!), 2nd grade
Ryan, Kindergarten 
Nathan, Kindergarten (but maturity level is still a solid Pre-K)

Nathan can never make a "normal" face in a picture.  He gets that from his dad.  Sarah can never smile.  Joshua usually goes cross-eyed.  Amelia doesn't sit still.  Can you see why it takes me so long to take a few back to school photos?  

Speaking of photos, I finally started an instagram account.  I have steadily refused to have one more social media account to suck up my time.  But lately I've been on a Facebook break and posting photos on instagram is so much faster.  You can find me under my usual alias, itstwinsanity.  

Here's to another fun year of school!  

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