Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Straight to the point

That's the name of the piercing shop we visited a few weeks ago...  Straight To The Point.

This time, it wasn't me getting pierced.
It was these girls!

Leila and Sarah have been asking to get their ears pierced for a few years.  We have told them over and over that we would wait until they were old enough to care for them and understand the process of getting pierced.  They recently turned seven and were still adamant that they wanted to have pierced ears.  We decided that they might just be ready for this rite of passage.

After watching lots of youtube videos and researching local piercing shops, we headed to Tucson.  When we walked in the door, the girls were giddy and very confident.  But when Alec, the owner, saw them he said they looked too young.  I reassured him that they were seven years old and just quite small for their age.  Once he spoke with them, he realized that they were pretty articulate and definitely older than they appeared.
Sarah requested to go first and I silently cringed.  Sarah is a bit tougher than Leila when it comes to pain and I worried that Leila wouldn't want to watch Sarah get pierced.  It turned out to be a good choice though, as Sarah's confidence probably inspired Leila.

For the record, my girls are extremely sensitive and overly dramatic when they get injured or even see someone else get hurt.  I was preparing myself for the possibility of one (or both) of them changing their mind at the last minute.  There was that chance we'd end up leaving with just one hole.  Instead I was surprised that neither of them even flinched!  Operation Ear Pierce was a success!
Sarah had one ear pierced, then the other.  They use individually packaged sterile needles that are single-use, so there was a break in between each ear as Alec unwrapped the new needle.  I was impressed with the safety precautions and the cleanliness of the shop.  This was the cleanest, most professional piercing shop I've ever seen.  The art in the shop was beautiful too.
Once Sarah was done, Leila jumped up into the chair.  Alec explained again what he was going to do and Leila didn't seem nervous that she was about to have a needle poked through her earlobe.  (Unlike me, who only let the girl at the mall pierce one of my ears before chickening out.  I was in the 4th grade.  Turns out I ended up with 11 earrings as a teenager, but that first time was slightly traumatic.)
She's tougher than she looks!
Once Leila was finished, there was a priceless moment as Leila and Sarah both looked at each other and squealed.  Like looking into a mirror, I guess!  They were ecstatic.

Before we left the shop both girls had already asked for a second hole for their next birthday.  (Oh boy, here we go!)
I'm very pleased with the great experience we had at the piercing shop.  What I'm struggling with is the fact that my baby girls are not babies anymore.  I've got a couple of confident, intelligent, incredible little girls are going to be amazing women one day.  One day that is going to come far too soon, I fear.
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