Thursday, August 29, 2013


Even homeschooling families must be susceptible to those back-to-school germs.  We have one kid down with a tummy bug and two others who have had upset tummies and mysterious rashes.  It's the official kick-off of the season of cooties!  Can this be used as proof that homeschooled kids really do socialize with other kids?  Clearly we have been socializing lately.

We still don't know where we are moving.  My new mantra has become "Ain't no need to watch where I'm goin'; just need to know where I've been."  Maybe I stole that from Mater.  I have really been struggling with this big unknown in our lives.  After ten years of Army life I should be used to this part, but my type-A personality just cannot handle not being able to plan.

Seven is dangerously close to walking.  She's a pro at cruising and has taken her first shaky steps.  I am not ready to have a mobile toddler in the house again but I have already remembered that one mobile baby is a heck of lot easier than two mobile babies.

Ryan was kicked in the head a few days ago and ended up with a deep, gaping cut that ran down the back crease of his ear.  I could see the cartilage because the cut was so deep.  Yuck. Dermabond to the rescue! After his ear was glued back on (his words) he was fine.

All six of the bigger kids had an appointment with our fantastic dentist on Tuesday.  None of them had any cavities!  You have no idea how happy this makes me (and my checkbook.)

Also, I cried at the dentist's office.  Who does that?!  This girl, apparently.  Our dentist's first name is Laila and so my children affectionately call her Dr. Laila.  She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and Tuesday was her first day back at work after her surgery.  My kids had all made cards to bring to her and so there was a lot of crying and hugging.  She's a mom of twins and she also did Amelia's laser revision for her tongue tie.  We love her!  My kids actually love going to the dentist.

I think my house is either a) haunted (unlikely) or b) has been sabotaged by an irate worker.  We have skylights in the bathroom and kitchen that have thin sheets of plexiglass on the inside to let in lots of natural light.  Recently I came home to find the plexiglass pushed up inside the kitchen skylight.  And there, clear as day, are the letters "F U" written in caulk on the inside of the skylight wall.  One of my kids actually pointed it out to me.  Who did it?  And when?  It's a big mystery in our house right now.  Is it time to move yet?

I was incredibly disappointed to forfeit my college scholarship for this semester.  We still don't know when my grandfather's funeral will be held, so I couldn't take any classes with the possibility of being gone in the middle of the semester.

Why did it take me so long to discover the Lowes Build and Grow workshops?  I have seen the signs so many times but just never signed up.  Jason took Nathan and Ryan to one last weekend and they were thrilled.  They came home with work aprons, goggles, hammers, and a plane from the new Disney movie.  And it was free!

I recently received two erroneous vehicle registration suspension notices in the mail from two different states.  Then I had to call the DMV and explain why I have a Washington driver's license, Georgia tags and registration, and yet I live in Arizona.  Add this to the list of things they don't teach you about when you become a military wife.

Speaking of military life, maybe some of you can offer some advice.  What do you do when someone in your family needs ongoing medical/dental treatment but you have to move in the middle of it?  We have put off getting Amelia's cranial helmet because we don't know where we are moving and the treatment requires weekly or bi-weekly follow-up appointments.  Matthew also needs braces but I don't want to start treatment and have to pay again when we move.  We know we'll only be at our next duty station for about 2 years.  When I had braces in 2010 the orthodontists in my new state wanted to charge me the full ortho fee even though the orthodontist in the old state had already collected the full fee and didn't want to refund it.  You know we can't afford to pay twice for braces for every kid in our house!  Anyone have experience with this?
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