Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Organizing a much-too-tiny kitchen

I have a teeny, tiny kitchen and a not-so-tiny family.  There are usually six children crowded around me as I prepare meals and I don't doubt that there will soon be seven children crowding in there as soon as Amelia is   older.  With a kitchen this small, it's very challenging.  You can't open the freezer and the dishwasher at the same time.  Or the freezer and the oven.  You get the idea.  This kitchen is smaller than the kitchen in my first apartment!

Our kitchen is also open to our living room and pretty much the entire rest of the house.  I can stand in the kitchen and see the living room, dining room, foyer, and all of the bedrooms.  It drives me pretty crazy!  It also means I have to keep my kitchen clean.

There is very little storage in our kitchen.  The cabinets are not very deep and can't even fit our large dinner plates.  I use my laundry room and garage for storing kitchen appliances.  We no longer have a microwave or espresso machine.

I installed a magnetic bar from Ikea on the wall to hold car keys.  It keeps counter clutter to a minimum.

Unfortunately, my pantry is almost non-existent.  For a family of nine, this just doesn't cut it.  I store extra food in the laundry room and we have a huge deep freezer in the garage.  Fortunately, we eat a lot of fresh food so I can keep that in the fridge or freeze it.  

Last month I reorganized the tiny pantry and added a nice organizer from thirty-one.  The organizer holds my printed calendar (find it free here) and various appointment cards, business cards, and coupons.  The double door hook holds the organizer and baby bibs.  Some cheap storage bins from Target's dollar spot hold dried fruit, beans, and tea.

Here's a before picture of my microscopic pantry...

And after...

Now that I've survived with such a small kitchen, it should make our next house feel like a mansion!

Anyone else out there with a little kitchen and big family?
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