Friday, March 15, 2013

A Quilt for Seven

I have never made a "real" quilt before.  I have quilted comforters and made blankets, but never a quilt.  I actually bought a bolt of fabric when Leila and Sarah were babies with the intention of making quilts for them.  Instead, I ended up cutting up my existing queen-sized quilt into two crib-sized quilts.  The bolt of fabric was packed away and I never thought I'd get a chance to use it.

Then I had Amelia.

And anyone who knows me well knows that I love cows.  And so Amelia now has a cow quilt.  In pink and purple, of course.
I followed a really simple quilt pattern that I found here.  I cut the pieces and put them together in one afternoon while Amelia nursed and slept and watched.
Then I (very nervously) quilted it and watched it come together.  Finally I made the binding.  The part that took the longest was hand stitching the binding.  It took me every evening for a week to finish that part.  I can honestly say that this quilt was made with love.  
After the quilt was completed I added a ruffle of cow fabric to an old lavender crib skirt.  Then I set up her crib... because one day she will sleep in it.

This has nothing to do with the quilt but it's still beautiful.  Isn't desert snow breathtaking?  I love seeing all of the sharp and pokey things coated in sparkly white.  It never stays for very long so I enjoy it while I can.

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