Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Lessons Learned

-I thought we had made it past the age when children like to paint with nail polish.  I was wrong.  (He painted his toes and his lips.  At least we use kid-friendly Keeki nail polish.)

-Kids can be entertained for quite some time just by sitting on the couches and sample beds at IKEA.  Added bonus: they can practice their navigation skills with the nifty maps.

-A visit from my long-lost brother is never long enough.  My kids will always be upset when he leaves, especially if it has been 3 years since his last visit.

-Back-to-school shopping is fun, even for a homeschooling family.  The smell of freshly sharpened pencils never gets old for me.

-In the military, friends are still friends no matter how far away life takes us.  Our former next-door neighbors from WA now live in NJ but visited AZ.  We spent the day together just like it hadn't been a year since we'd seen each other.

-Monsoon season is the best time to grow a garden in southern Arizona.  The weather is wonderful!

-It is totally worth driving 2 or 3 hours to spend the day at a nice pool and splash pad.  Water=worn out kids!

-If I buy my kids an extra tube of toothpaste, one of them will surely squirt the entire new tube onto the bathroom counter and paint with it.

-Apparently twin boys don't just have terrible twos.  They have troubling threes and frightening fours too.

-Socks can be worn with flip flops, but only if you add goggles to complete the look.

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