Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School (AKA Back to the Dining Room)

It's official.  I have a fourth grader, a third/fourth grader, two first graders, and 2 preschoolers.  (And a baby on the way, if that counts for anything.)

Matthew is 9 right now and just had his long hair chopped off again.  He loves to read and play with cars, not necessarily in that order.  He's my challenging child and we're hoping a combo of ABA and OT will make this school year more bearable for all of us.  Matthew also loves sports and this fall he's playing soccer.  I am thankful that this boy is so cute with his sweet dimples because otherwise I would be tempted to lock him in the attic sometimes.  (We don't have an attic, but you get the idea.)

Joshua is 8 and is doing fourth grade work this year, even though he's technically only in third grade.  (Am I the only homeschooler that blurs the line between grades sometimes?)  This boy loves math.  He actually writes "I love math" in his books.  He is definitely Jason's child and received zero of my genes.  That's ok though, because he is the sweetest kid I've ever met.  He's playing soccer on Matthew's team this fall.

Leila is 6 but she doesn't look a day older than 4, tanks to her tiny size.  (Seriously, she's barely 30 pounds and still fits into 3T and 4T clothes.)  She is starting first grade this year and is anxiously waiting for ballet to start again.  She's 100% girly girl and also did not receive any of my genes.  She is very smart and very creative, just like her sister.  (Ok, maybe she did get some of my genes.)

Sarah shares the same age, grade, and clothing size as her sister.  She also loves ballet and loves to write stories and draw pictures.  She has a little streak of tomboy in her (I know that came from me) and can hit a baseball like nobody's business.  She and Leila are so excited about the new baby.  They swear they'll love it and cuddle it... even if it's another boy.

I totally didn't take pictures of Nathan and Ryan today.  They are just as cute as ever though.  I'm going to have to share some of the family photos that we had taken a few months ago.

Here's Seven.  Try to ignore me in the picture.  I never do my hair here because it's so hot.  (Who am I kidding?  I never do my hair anyway!)  This picture is a few weeks old now.  Seven is growing well and I have the heartburn to prove it.  Darn short torso makes carrying babies a bit uncomfortable.

I feel great, aside from some major pubic bone pain.  Have any of you had SPD?  (Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction)  I think my crazy, bendy joints are the reason I always have so much pain when I'm pregnant.  (I wonder if there's a link between SPD and EDS?)  My hips like to give out at random times now, so my running workouts are over until this baby pops out.

Jason and I are both doing the whole back-to-school thing too.  He's nearly done at U of A and I'm just getting started toward my degree in something.  Probably midwifery since I really don't know what else I'd want to be when I grow up, but first I'm going to take the IBCLC exam.  We'll see where I end up because every time I make big plans I end up pregnant (check!) or we move again (next year-check!)  I love our crazy life.
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