Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Halfway There

We are just about at the halfway point of this pregnancy. Daily conversation in our house includes heated discussion among the kids about whether Seven is a little brother or sister. Everyone is getting excited!

It has been so much different to be pregnant this time. My other children are actually old enough to understand what's happening and they are looking forward to the new addition. Plus, we won't have four or five kids in diapers this time so I think that would make anyone excited. And I won't be nursing four at once again.  (Is that why people leave a little space between children?  Ok, I get it now.)
(Does this dress make me look fat?  Oh, wait... that's the baby.)

I love the second trimester!  It's usually the only time I have energy and feel somewhat human.  Morning sickness has let up and food tastes good again.  I am still able to walk and run without getting exhausted (although I haven't run in a few weeks because I can't seem to stay hydrated in this heat.)  I can still see my toes and I'm still able to pick up two toddlers at the same time.  These days are numbered...
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