Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Summer Fun With my Silly Six

It has felt like summer for months now in Arizona.  The days are hot, but not necessarily long since we don't observe Daylight Savings Time here.  It has been challenging to find activities in our very small town that don't involve being outside in the scorching sun.  We have been to just about every museum and park in our area and have made quite a few trips to Tucson.  Once Jason comes home later this week, we'll venture farther from home and have some more fun.  For now, we've been trying to follow this neat "summer schedule" that I found on Pinterest.

Last week was a big week for Joshua.  He celebrated his eighth birthday and graduated from speech therapy.  He started speech therapy five years ago so this has been a long time coming.  We had a fun week and even had a special birthday dinner in Tucson.  Good times!

Our garden is finally thriving, despite the relentless wind and heat.  We have peas, beans, strawberries, watermelon, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, sunflowers, tomatoes, herbs, and even some surprise butternut squash that I swear I did not plant.  Growing anything in our dusty, dry backyard makes me proud.

We kicked off our summer a bit early this year with our big road trip to Georgia and Virginia.  I can finally share a few pictures.  Maybe one day I will be caught up with writing, blogging, baby books, and doing something with the thousands of photos that are saved on my computer.
("The Playhouse" that my grandmother built when I was a child)
(silly Ryan)
(boys can have tea parties too)

(studying tadpoles)

(we'll have to make room for Seven)
(climbing through the doggy door)
(my girls with Great Grandma, my 86-year year old amazing grandmother)
(Matthew can find a way to spend hours building towns and roads everywhere we go)
(a little thief stole someone's video game)
(The Silly Six)
(took a Memorial Day trip to Arlington National Cemetery to visit my grandmother's grave)

We're looking forward to a few more adventures before school starts again.  (Although I'll admit that I spent yesterday organizing and sorting through our school books and supplies!)  Am I the only homeschooler who loves back-to-school time?

If you have an awesome summer activity idea, please share!  (Bonus points if it holds the attention of preschool twin boys for more than 2 minutes!)
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