Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

First, let me say that I've realized something about my issues with finding quiet time for myself.  As Jason has been telling me for years, I need to let things go sometimes.  My biggest problem is ME.  I don't let myself sit down and read a book or relax on a Saturday morning.  My brain will not let me do it.  I have a running list of 8,496 things that need to be done and I feel incredible angst if I'm not working on accomplishing those things.  I'm also the type of person who can't relax if my house isn't clean.  I have realized that even when the kids are engaged in some activity and I have a few moments of time to myself, I'm using that time to wash dishes, cook, mop floors, pay bills, etc.  I guess I need to work on that, although I'm not really sure where to start.

In other news, yesterday was not only the summer solstice but also our anniversary.  Although Jason is gone right now, it was still a special day.  It's sometimes hard to believe that we are still so much in love after 11 years, 6 kids, and 9 years of Army life.  I'm so blessed to have married such an amazing man.

You'll have to ignore my dirty bathroom mirror, but here's a picture of my growing belly...
This was taken at 17/18 weeks.  I think this baby is making my butt get bigger.  What does that mean?  A girl?  (I have my fingers crossed for a boy, but of course will be thrilled if we have another daughter.)  This baby has earned the nickname "Seven" as part of my attempt to stop calling the baby "him."

I saw the midwife last week and she palpated the baby.  Yes, BABY.  As in, just ONE baby!  After two sets of twins, I've forgotten the joy of having a singleton.  I'm measuring 4-5 weeks ahead, but she doesn't think my dates are off.  It's probably just another big baby and my uterus is probably as stretched out as a deflated exercise ball at this point.  I measured 4-5 weeks ahead with Joshua too and my dates were accurate, so I'm not worried.  I was just relieved to hear her say that there's just one baby in there!

Seven is very active and I started feeling movement very early.  The kids love to put their hands on my belly and feel the kicks and punches.  I am pretty sure that even Nathan and Ryan have some sort of understanding about what's happening.  It's very exciting to have children old enough to really comprehend and enjoy this pregnancy.

I'm feeling a lot less sick and have some of my energy back after that rough first trimester.  Matthew and Joshua have been doing their standardized testing this week as we wrap up the school year.  Leila and Sarah have been busy being creative and playing pretend.  Nathan and Ryan are just keeping me on my toes, as almost 4-year old twin boys are known to do sometimes.  All of us are looking for fun things to do in this heat.  (Any ideas?)  We set up our inflatable pool on the back porch last week and that's where you'll find me for the rest of this pregnancy... once I get the dishes washed and do 4 more loads of laundry.
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