Monday, June 11, 2012

Carving Out Quiet Time

On a daily basis, I struggle with carving out a single moment of quiet time.  Tonight is a perfect example...  Bedtime in our house is usually at 8pm and here I sit (at nearly 9:30pm) with one crying child and several others still awake in their beds.  (Worse yet, the crying child is calling for Daddy and he's not even here.)

Despite my best intentions, that well-planned bubble bath or written-in-my-head blog post just never seem to happen.  Actually, there are days when a quick shower doesn't even happen!
After arriving home from our long trip just over a week ago, we spent the following day (Saturday) unpacking the camper.  The next day Jason left for a 5-week class he's taking.  He's able to come home on the weekends, which is great, but it still feels like a long time for the kids.  You'd think that Jason leaving would be no big deal at this point, but some of the kids still struggle anytime he's gone.

Needless to say, I am having a hard time sitting down for more than a minute before someone needs me urgently.  Even when I try to stay up after putting the kids to bed, I either crash early because I'm tired (blame the pregnancy or just the fact that I'm getting old) or I wind up doing laundry or dishes.
I know that every mother in the world has probably had the same problem when it comes to getting quiet time for herself.  Do any of you wise women have any tips?  Secrets you care to share?  How do you get time for yourself?

P.S.- Don't suggest that I lock myself in the bathroom.  I've tried that.  The kids just beat the door down.
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