Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Day Is It?

Seriously. What day is it?

I posted a "Wordless Wednesday" post on Thursday. I apologized for missing a friend's gathering on Friday when it was actually supposed to be on Saturday so I hadn't even missed it. We missed church today. I cannot keep track of what day it is anymore. My mind is so foggy.

Last week was full of appointments and tests and running here and there. And yet, I still have no answers about what is causing my dizziness. Honestly, I really don't even care anymore. Obviously it's not going to kill me or I wouldn't still be sitting here. It's been 6 weeks now since this started.

On Tuesday I went to the cardiologist and came home with a Holter monitor to record my heart activity over a 24-hour period. On Wednesday I had the monitor removed and then went for an echocardiogram. I don't know the results of either test, other than I have a "floppy" valve that the technician pointed out. She said she couldn't tell me anything else but that "it isn't bad." So not bad means it's good in my book!

Thursday was the longest day of testing with 3 appointments that had me out until dinner time. The first test was an EEG and the second was a VEP. The third appointment was to meet with the neurologist again. He thinks the EEG results will be ok and the VEP looked good. He wants to see me again in August and said he'd like to do another MRI to see if there are any more lesions in my brain or spinal cord that would indicate MS. He said that is still a possibility, but that a single high-signal lesion could be caused by other things as well. Essentially, we still don't know anything.

On Friday I met with my PCM and he set me up with an appointment to see a rheumatologist to start figuring out this connective tissue disorder thing. He was a bit grossed out by my hypermobility too. That made me laugh. As a doctor, I'm sure he's seen his share of nasty things. The fact that me popping my shoulder out of joint made him cringe gave me great pleasure. Glad I could have that honor.Sometime in the middle of the kids being sick, the babies being clingy, and me running all over town, my salivary gland stones decided to act up. Yes, because it's the perfect time for my little friends in my mouth to make themselves known again. Today I have a quarter-sized lump under my jaw bone where the gland is painfully swollen and infected.

I can't even bring myself to have the salivary gland stones removed right now. I have so many things going on already that it's just too much. And I fear that if i go to see yet another doctor, they will surely think I'm insane. So I've decided to let the stones sit in my gland until I either pass out from the pain or they rot their way out on their own. Really, I have just had it!!!

And finally, in the midst of all of this drama, I have become acutely aware that it is now the middle of June. And I was supposed to be leaving for Washington right now. But I'm not. No, instead of starting our trip out west, I'm stuck in a house that won't sell. As the days tick by, I am realizing we have only two options: rent out the house again (which we dread) or sell at a loss. We have quite a bit of equity in this house but because the market is over-saturated with cheap, new construction homes, we can't sell it for what it's worth. We already have it priced below everything else in the neighborhood and we have only had 1 showing. I'm giving it until our listing contract expires in August and then I'm searching for a new property manager to rent it out. You can just call me the crazy, dizzy landlord lady. I'll end up with a house in every state by the time Jason's Army days are done.

Speaking of the house issue... Does anyone have any experience living on post at Fort Lewis? Jason and I have never actually lived on post, although we did spend a miserable year in government housing when he first enlisted. (It was not on a military base though, so it was a little different.) We have always owned our houses, but that isn't looking like a good option in Washington, especially since we already own two houses. I'm terrified at the thought of living on post, mostly because it's a tiny duplex and have you heard how loud my kids are? I wouldn't even want to live next to me. Army wives, tell me what you know!

The kids have a week of VBS coming up and then I must return David to Virginia.
What day is it again?
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