Monday, June 14, 2010

I Am So Gross

Don't read this if you are eating or if you are queasy. Seriously.

I just got back from the doctor. Again.

It just keeps getting better and better!

I have a huge infection in my salivary gland because of the stones. They may remove the entire gland. I have an appointment with an ENT next week to discuss surgery. In the meantime, my doctor wants me to keep milking the infection out of my gland.

Last night I spent an hour massaging pus out of my gland and spitting it into the sink. It was so incredibly nasty. I can't even describe how rotten it was. Just foul. Eww. I am so gross.

Today the stones have blocked most of the duct. I am only able to get a small amount of blood out of the gland. I have a golf ball-sized mass on my neck where the gland is swollen. The (very good-looking, young) doctor that I saw today could tell what was wrong before he even examined me because it looks that bad. I had to tell him how I have pus oozing out of my gland whenever I eat or drink or talk. Yuck.

On top of that, he noticed that I have a raging ear infection in my right ear. I already knew it from the green fluid that was draining from the hole in my ear drum. I usually just let it drain and it goes away on its own. He agreed that that was the best idea. I get ear infections every month or two and have since infancy. It's no big deal anymore and rarely even hurts because the hole in the ear drum allows the infection to clear out on its own. That's great because I can't take antibiotics (because of the C. diff) and I can't use ear drops or essential oils (because of the hole.)

But, the big surprise came when he examined my left ear. Two weeks ago my left ear drum was intact, but had high negative pressure when the doctor tested it. Today, it has a hole in it too. The doctor said it ruptured sometime in the last two weeks. Nice, huh?

The doctor called me a "double enigma." I am going to start calling it a curse.

He swears that the ear issue is unrelated to the stones and that both are unrelated to the dizziness. I agree. But I still wonder why this is all happening at once?!

I'm so completely done with everything right now. I take care of myself, eat whole foods, exercise, and live as "green" as possible. I am usually very, very healthy. I never go to the doctor. Why is this happening to me???

(And I'm going to post about the whole housing issue later. That's a whole other post of its own.)
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