Monday, February 01, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Just so you know... deployments suck.

Just so you know... winter sucks.

Just so you know... loneliness sucks.

Just so you know... Hershey's Kisses help. A little.
It's just another manic Monday. I wish it were Sunday.

(Are you humming that tune now? Admit it, you are.)

My sweet girls are ready for summer. Yesterday they were ready to run around in these summery tops. This morning it was one degree outside. One. Yikes.
I usually love snow but the snow ruined our plans for the weekend and caused them to cancel the girls' first ballet lesson today. They've been looking forward to it for weeks now. It's just a preschooler class through the county but it was really important to them and now it's not starting until next week. And a week to a preschooler is like a month to an adult.

My mom was going to come play with the kids so I could get some boxes unpacked on Saturday. But we were buried in snow so that didn't happen. And this weekend they are calling for snow again. Does anyone find it ironic that every snowstorm we've hard this season (this was #4 I think?) has fallen on a weekend.

Perhaps I'm just bitter, but I was disappointed that our neighbors have never offered to snow blow our driveway, even though they know I'm here alone. They offered to do it when I first moved in but have never offered since. I guess they don't like me.

Yesterday my house was destroyed by stir-crazy kids. I dumped bucket after bucket of snow into the bathtub so they could play in the snow and not get cold. But that got old after an hour or two. They need to run! Is it too early to start wishing for spring already?

My SIL and I painted the girls' bedroom last night and my goofy dog walked into the wet paint on the wall. When my nephew tried to shoo him away he got scared. He ran wild, running into things and dodging back into the wet paint area. Then he peed on the girls' beds and all down the hall and into the babies' room. Then he ran downstairs and pooped while running across the foyer. Like I don't have enough poop to clean on a daily basis?

We still don't have a tenant for our house in Georgia. The old tenants moved out and now I will stress and obssess everyday until someone new moves into the house. Because that's just what I do!

Oh, and then this morning my mommy's helper that just started on Thursday emailed me to quit. I guess we are too much crazy for her! Look at me! I'm scaring away teenage girls now!
Just when I feel like I need some cheering up, I get a 4-minute phone call from Jason. That always lifts my spirits! It sure would be nice to be able to talk everyday or even just get an email. He hasn't had internet access in over a week. No free phone calls either. It sure makes me appreciate (even more) the times when I do get to talk to him!

And speaking of cheering up... I won Jason the best Valentine's Day gift!

Wow! Even more awesome... I just got an email as I was getting ready to post this just now. Our realtor in Georgia found a tenant for our house. And guess what? She is pregnant... with twins! Is that meant to be, or what? Thank you, Lord. I know that was His special gift to me today. Now I can get through another manic Monday with sanity (mostly) intact. I hope.
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