Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shovel, Anyone?

I woke up this morning to discover that the weatherman was correct. We are being buried under another pile of snow! I think we're supposed to get around 8 inches by tonight.

Being the incredibly prepared, organized person that I am, I went grocery shopping and got gas yesterday. I was so proud of myself when I exited the grocery store after a marathon 3-hour shopping trip. (Note to self: don't wait until the kids are eating raisins and an orange for lunch before you go to the store!) I beat the crowds, as evidenced by the fact that I was able to purchase both bread and milk. Around here, if the forecast calls for snow you can bet there will be no bread or milk in any store in town.

I returned from my excursion and unloaded all 6 children and 16 grocery bags from the van. And then it hit me. I didn't buy a snow shovel. Crap!

We had a snow shovel but Jason broke it during the huge snowstorm we had when he was home for Christmas. Now I'll just have to remain holed up in my house until the neighbors start to worry.
Yesterday I was having trouble getting my blog posts to publish so I gave up. What I had planned to write was that Ryan's lip is healing quite nicely. He's got a weird lump there inside his lower lip and a nice cut on the outside too. I'm sure this lovely injury will not be his last.

Want to see what Ryan's cut looks like?
No? You didn't want to see? Sorry!

It looks much better today than it did a few days ago.
Since today is a snow day and any plans we had are now buried under a pile of snow, we're just taking it easy. It's a snow day and it's a slow day.
Because of my incredible planning, I bought a dozen sugary, sweet donuts yesterday. It's a very special treat for the kids and so I was able to coax some good behavior out of everyone last night.

"Matthew, stop bothering Joshua or I'm eating your donut."

"Leila, if you whine I will have to eat your donut."

"That donut is mine if you don't stop teasing!"

Yes, go ahead and judge me. I threatened to eat their donuts. And I did eat somebody's donut too. (Any guess as to who lost a donut?)
I'm not paying the price for our not-so-healthy breakfast treat. Everyone has a sudden desire to sprint in circles around the room. And I can't send them outside today. I guess my little plan backfired!

Even the babies got in on the action. What a mess! It was pretty cute to watch them devour their first junk food though.
"What mama? It's not organic?"

We're going to watch a movie now and wait for a phone call. Jason was able to call briefly yesterday but the connection was terrible. he's had to buy a calling plan because they don't have free phones or internet there. Hopefully his laptop will arrive today so we can chat on Skype. So now I just wait for the phone to ring.

Can I borrow a shovel?
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