Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I'm Living in a Princess World

How did it come to be that I, the tomboy and most un-girly girl I know, came to have 2 of the girliest girls around?

My life has become ballerinas and princesses, hairbows and high heels. It's just amazing how Leila & Sarah seem to have been born to embrace their feminine sides. I didn't create this monster, this syrupy sweet mess of all that is pretty and pink. My daughters came this way.

While I find it easier to relate to the rough and tumble chaos that comes from having boys, I have to admit that having two daughters is always entertaining.
Where do they come up with this stuff?

Do you see Leila's feet? Those are Cinderella slippers.
Look closely. Those are the silicon skins to the Wii remotes. Who knew that they were the perfect glass slippers for a little princess?

Isn't it interesting that gender stereotypes persist, even when we aren't encouraging them? I would never have guessed that my daughters would be so different than me and I certainly don't try to steer them toward certain toys or activities. Although they will sometimes play with their brothers (Sarah usually more than Leila) they just gravitate to all things frilly and girly.

(Oh, and it looks like our house in Georgia will remain vacant after all. Not what I need to worry about right now!!!)
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