Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Another Ordinary Day

Just another day in my crazy house...

It's not even noon yet. So far today I have nursed the babies (and girls) 12 times. (Make that 13!) I'm still in my pajamas and in desperate need of a shower. Nothing new there. It's a good thing you can't see me (or smell me.)

I gave the girls a bath and they managed to flood the bathroom. I ran to grab a baby and came back to find a half-inch of water on the bathroom floor. It was such a mess! I used 10 towels just soaking up the soapy mess.

I got the girls dressed and sat them on the couch while I changed the babies. They asked for a sip of water and Matthew got it for them. I came into the kitchen just in time to hear them pour it out all over the floor. What is it with water today?? If it wasn't chilly I'd let them go outside and play with the water table.

Now it's lunch time and I finally got the babies down for a nap. I had to stick the girls in their beds so they wouldn't destroy anything else. I threw dinner in the crockpot. If I'm lucky I can feed everyone lunch and maybe get the girls down for a nap in time for me to shower. I can hope, right?
Does this look like a girl capable of destroying a house in under 5 minutes? Don't let her fool you. She's got a little bit of crazy in her.

On Tuesday we narrowly avoided another trip to the ER. Leila put her tooth through her lip again. This time it was not a wide cut, just deep. I got the bleeding to stop and made a judgment call that she'd be ok without stitches this time. These pictures were from yesterday. Today when she woke up the hole inside her lip looked fine but the outside hole is green. It's really swollen so we may be headed to the doctor after all.
And now I'll go make lunch and try to make it through the rest of this day. Because I get to do it all again tomorrow! Just so you know, it was a lot easier to deal with this kind of stuff before I gave up my Kisses. Does a glass of wine have more calories than a Kiss? Ahhh, never mind...
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