Friday, June 13, 2008

What my life COULD be like

Today I got a taste of what my life could be like. If I'd had 3 sets of twins.

My friend is a fellow doula and we took on a last-minute client together. Because she is working on her certification, she was the one to go to the birth when the phone rang last night. Her husband just happens to be out of town so she dropped her 3 kids off with me.

I had two 5-year olds, two 3-year olds, two 2-year olds and a 10-month old. It was quite a day! Last night the baby slept in my bed since she is still nursing at night. When my boys woke up and saw their friends had spent the night they were so excited! I somehow managed to feed and entertain all of them and still do 2 loads of dishes, vacuum, mop, and clean the windows on the front and back doors.

The highlight of our day was when the alarm system went off, which summoned fire department. A fire truck, police car, and rescue vehicle all showed up in my driveway. Wait... it gets better. Soon after they leave I get a phone call from my mail lady to ask if I need anything and to see if I'm ok. I guess the whole neighborhood thought I'd starting into labor or something!

I am proud to say I survived a full day and night with 7 children under age 6. While pregnant with twins. And did I mention how hot it is here?

In other news this week, Leila had her stitches removed. The infection cleared up and she just has a purplish scar below her lip. From a distance it just looks like her lip is uneven. She is still talking about her "steeches."

I had a doctor's appointment this week and found out that the babies' umbilical cords are inserted into the exact same spot on the placenta. Not just close, but they are intertwined. Placenta is still a marginal previa but I'm also still confident it will move.

As a result of the illness we shared with our family in VA, my grandmother's immune system has been weakened. This week she developed shingles. Then she had a reaction to the painkillers they prescribed. My mom is so stressed out right now.

Then the icing on my cake was the little emotional roller coaster we've been on with regards to where we'll be moving and when. Jason got his branching assignment for OCS and he will remain in MI (military intelligence.) When he called his branch manager about possible assignments she told him that VA is out of the question. There are no positions in the entire DC area. The closest she can get us to home is Fort Bragg, NC.

Needless to say, this whole week (month, year?) has been topsy-turvy for me. For every exciting event there is an equal and opposite negative event. Or so it seems.
After today though, I am even more excited about meeting these new babies. I'm sure that God will get me through this, and any future challenges. I feel like I can do just about anything with His help.

Leila right before the stitches came out. The infection had cleared up and it looked great!

And here's the after... it just looks like her lip is wider on one side but otherwise not too bad.

It's Twinsanity!

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