Friday, January 30, 2009


After the day I had yesterday, I'm glad to get this week over with already! I think the theme for yesterday was WATER. As in water, water everywhere!

After the tub fiasco, and the spill on the floor, we had more excitement. While the girls were napping I let M & J play outside. I heard J screaming (not unusual- that boy is a screamer) and went to see what was going on out there. It seems that Matthew decided to dump a bucket of icy cold water over Joshua's head. And we may live in Georgia but it can still get chilly outside from time to time and yesterday was one of those rare chilly days. Poor Joshua was soaked. Baptism by brother I guess?

It was all I could do just to get dinner on the table last night. Thankfully I'd tossed some chicken in the crockpot or we'd have starved. It was complete chaos. Toys everywhere, kids screaming, babies needing to be held. I think all 6 of them needed me at once!

What did I do? I called my mom. Only because I couldn't call Jason. And what words of wisdom did she have for me? "That's what happens when you have all those kids. Maybe you should have thought about that before you had them. I sure hope you remember this when you are wanting more again."

That was it for me. My mother and I rarely see eye-to-eye on anything, especially when it comes to parenting. I told her that her comments were not helpful and that I didn't want to talk after all. Then she asked what I needed and why I called. I told her I just needed some sympathy and just wanted to hear another adult voice. It's incredibly isolating to go for hours and hours without talking to another adult. Yesterday was just one of those days when I needed to vent a little. Thankfully she apologized and then said she knew she could never do what I'm doing and that she just didn't know what to say. We talked for a few more minutes and I felt better.

Our conversation was just another reminder of the tough parts of life right now. First, parenting is hard work. Second, it is even more difficult when you don't have the support of family nearby. Third, I will never have that "perfect" family that I picture in my mind. My mom and I will always be polar opposites. Even if I was living in Virginia right now, I'd still be doing this alone almost all of the time.

It's ok though, because what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. Right?

Besides, these girls of mine may be little terrors, but they sure can be cute. Tell me though, is it a "twin thing?" My boys were never so mischievous when they were this age. I'm convinced the girls have some evil powers or something.
Do you see the look that Leila was giving me? Because she didn't want me taking pictures of her. Even though she was smiling just 10 seconds earlier. Should I be worried about the teen years? I am.

The girls even left me a little trail of bubbly footprints after they turned the bathroom floor into a foam party.
By the time the girls were in bed I was exhausted. The babies are teething and so they were fussy. It took me 2 hours to get them changed and fed and ready for bed. In the meantime, M & J had come out to the living room to wait for me and they fell asleep. Joshua was on the couch and Matthew had made a makeshift bed under the dining room table. I have no idea why.
And in case you were wondering, I had to bust out the Kisses yesterday. Please don't tell Jason. Where can I find some burlap for my sack dress?
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