Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things I've Learned

* Never leave a bathroom door open when you have twin toddlers. We have seen before what the girls are capable of but the boys still forget sometimes. The girls flushed their 4 toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste. AGAIN! (This habit is getting to be expensive!)
* Babies grow much, much too fast. Nathan was 10+ lbs and Ryan was 9+ pounds when I last weighed them. They are 7 weeks old now.

* Nursing is such a precious experience. (At least when you don't have thrush. Or tongue tie.) Nursing twins is twice as rewarding. Nursing two sets of twins? Well, I can't even find the words to describe it. I am just loving it though! (I'll spare you the pictures until I'm capable of getting dressed and showering again. Someday.)

* I definitely have OCD. I am especially obsessive about hand washing. (Germs terrify me!)However, I'm also a little nuts about other things. I failed this OCD test. By the way, you must try that apple crisp recipe! I made it a few weeks ago and it was delicious. (I used flax seed instead of almonds on top.)

*Colicky babies are exhausting. The evenings are the worst. These babies just scream and scream. It makes me crazy! I am desperately trying all of your suggestions. And I'm going to do a Q&A post soon.

*It does not matter whether you are using a quad stroller or not. If you leave the house with multiples you are going to attract attention. Especially if they are wearing adorable little pumpkin hats. Jason thought we'd escape the crowds of curious people if we left the quad at home when we went to a Columbus Day event a few weeks ago. If only it were that easy...

* If you're already getting all of the stares from the curious onlookers, you might as well clarify. "Yes, we have 2 sets of twins." This is when the hand-embroidered shirts come in handy. My dear friend Andrea made these adorable shirts for the babies but the girls are small enough to fit into them so they tested them out. The shirts say "Twinsanity" squared. How cute is that?

* Despite the planning involved, it is definitely worth it to leave the house when possible. The kids had a great time 2 weeks ago. Jason's mom came to visit and the kids were so well behaved. We really wore them out at the Columbus Day event. We enjoyed a concert in the rain, face painting, bounce houses, and a petting zoo.

* It is completely possible to maintain some sense of order with newborns in the house. First you must own some type of baby carrier. Second, you must forget about your previous standards. Trust me. Tonight I made dinner and dessert with a baby nursing at my breast the entire time. Three weeks ago we started to get back into homeschooling and I had a baby strapped to me as the boys did their lessons. (Just don't ask me what to do when both babies need me at once while the girls are flushing things down the toilet!)

* Just when you are about to lose your mind because of the chaos, your children will bring you back down to earth. The babies may be screaming, the big kids may be fighting, the dog may be barking, and the phone might be ringing but when you see your daughters holding hands none of it matters. Raising children is such a wild ride!

* Freezer meals are the best idea EVER! I have been using some of the 30 freezer meals I prepared while I was still pregnant. I have decided that this is just brilliant. Every month I plan to do one huge shopping trip to buy the items in bulk so that I can prepare 20-25 meals. It makes it so much easier on me and I never have to worry about what to make for dinner. It should be very handy when Jason is gone.

* That reunion I was upset about missing? It was canceled. I guess they just couldn't stand to have it without me there. I feel much better now.

* Naps are critical. The downside of leaving the house is that someone might miss a nap. And that would be bad. Very bad.

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