Sunday, October 12, 2008

Growing Right Before My Eyes

Could it really be that these sweet girls are 2 1/2 this month? It seems like just yesterday that I was waking up in the dark of night in a pool of warm fluid as my labor with them began. Such a journey we've shared together...

My little men are growing up right before my eyes as well. M will soon turn 6 and has really passed over from his baby/toddler days to the childhood years. We're exploring a fascinating (and scary) new world together... A world of bikes without training wheels, loose teeth, and all the things that "big kids" do.

M is testing the waters. He is sporting his first mohawk. It's only temporary since we're doing Christmas card pictures soon but he's enjoying it while it lasts. I shortened it after taking these pictures so it's not sticking up so much now. I am reliving my teen years I suppose.

And you know that J has to follow suit.

Today I am the coolest mom ever! (Tomorrow they will say I'm mean again but for now, I'll take it.)

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