Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nipples in a Blender, Scorpions on the Dinner Table & More Amusing Thoughts

Here's a few random facts and thoughts from the past several days...

1. My dad flew home to Colorado on Sunday. I miss him so much! He is great with the kids and he's so much fun. I really love my dad.

2. When the girls nurse it really feels like I'm putting my nipples into the blender. It's terrible. I have to check and make sure they are still there and I'm not bleeding to death when they finish nursing.

3. Speaking of nursing, I am weeks away from nursing 4 children at once. I'm a little nervous! I think the girls will be jealous, Leila in particular.

4. The (still nameless!!!) babies will likely arrive in the next 4 weeks. I'm 36 weeks now. Baby B is breech/transverse. Thankfully Baby A is still vertex. They are little chunks now and probably weigh well over 6 lbs each.

5. What is UP with the wildlife lately?! The whole snake thing was upsetting and my grandmother told me about the snake she caught that had just eaten one of her beautiful koi. Then the scorpion in my bedroom. Then last night, I found a scorpion on my dining room table! Yikes! So the suckers can climb too? Great... He was in the bottom of my fruit bowl, hiding under an apple.

6. Thanks to the new haircuts everyone is finally able to tell the girls apart! Well, everyone except Matthew & Joshua.

7. We had a fleeting virus pass through the house this weekend. Not sure what it was, but the girls both had fevers for 2 days and some nasty diapers. Hopefully we can avoid the nasty stomach bug that is making the rounds. I can't handle any more drama right now!

8. Our dishwasher is still broken. The earliest the repair guy could come is Friday. I don't think he comprehends the urgency of this situation.

9. My swelling is at an all-time high. For your viewing pleasure I'll include proof of that below.

10. Have you SEEN the ticker on the right? Only 28 days until babies arrive! The girls were 6 days early so it could be only 22 more days! I guess I need to get my act together. Not only do the poor boys not have names yet, but I haven't done a thing to get ready. Well, I did install the carseats (a feat in itself when you consider my size right now!) so we have 6 carseats in the van now.

This my dad. He never used to look like a lumberjack but apparently my brother is rubbing off on him. They have both grown little lumberjack beards. Now "Granddad with No Hair" has hair... only on his chin.

My not-so-identical twins. Their faces still look alike but the haircuts make them look so different! My dad thanked Joshua for helping him finally be able to tell the girls apart.

I warned you, right? This was taken in the morning before the swelling got too bad. I'm wearing one pair of shoes now. Only one pair will fit. I broke down and bought a pair of Men's size 11/12 Crocs. Even Jason's shoes won't fit this time.

Is it September yet?
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