Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Remember the picture of the waterlily that I just posted? It's from our little koi pond. We have a small koi pond with a waterfall and some plants that has been home to our fish, turtle, and numerous frogs.

Today we had an incident.

I happened to be walking past the door and looked outside to see a 4 foot snake crossing our walkway. He had just come from the pond. He immediately darted back over that direction when he saw me so I ran inside and grabbed a mop. I was too late. He ate all of our fish.

We had 3 beautiful fish, a koi and 3 fancy goldfish. They were 3 years old and had gotten pretty big. The kids were pretty upset that the fish were killed and wanted me to kill the snake. I couldn't find it but hopefully it never comes back.

This afternoon we had another incident.

My dad accidentally left the bathroom door open. This is a big no-no for our house but my dad isn't used to being around little kids so he forgot. The girls got into the bathroom and decided to flush things. They have never done this before so I guess we've been lucky up until now.

So far we have noticed that there are 4 missing toothbrushes and a missing tube of toothpaste. I shudder to think of what else may have gone down the potty. My sanity is gone down the potty but that happened quite some time ago...
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