Sunday, July 27, 2008

Womb with a Few

The pictures just don't do the belly justice. I promise you that the belly is much larger than it looks! And that shirt says "Womb with a Few." You can bet I get some stares when I wear that one!

Stats for now:
*Weight gain is up 65 lbs. (I am hovering dangerously close to 200 lbs now! ACK!)
*Fundal height is 47cm.
*Just for kicks I measured myself around and I'm 48 3/4 inches now. My waist is usually 26 or 27 inches if that gives you a better idea of size.
*Baby A (formerly Baby B) is still vertex. Baby B is still transverse. I'll have updated weights on Tuesday.

In other news, Jason FINALLY got his OCS class dates. He will leave in early January. This means he gets to spend Christmas with us! What a blessing! He'll finish everything on October 12, 2009 so it's going to be a long year without him. He'll call tomorrow to find out about where we are going after he's done. It looks like it will be NC and the tentative plan is for me and the kids to head up to VA in late September/early October.

One last thing that I'm almost scared to mention... We have a family that is putting an offer on our house. I feel like I shouldn't say anything for fear that it will fall through but I'm going to say it anyway and ask that you all think positive thoughts and pray that this works out! It's a military family and their realtor is supposed to get in touch with us tomorrow about signing the contract.

Could it really be that things are finally falling into place? I feel like we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel now!

Oh, and I pulled out the birth pool and supplies. I couldn't resist. After all, we only have 7 weeks left now!
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