Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One of THOSE weeks

Yes, it's another of our typical crazy weeks. Where to start? Oh, I guess we'll start with the fact that the realtor never called. That was disappointment #1. Then Jason tried to call and get information on our next duty station assignment and couldn't find out anything yet. That was disappointment #2.

Then on Monday afternoon, this sweet, innocent boy decided to play barber shop.

(Which I'm pretty sure was THIS boy's idea, and not Joshua's!)
Matthew got a little trim of the bangs which left him looking a little goofy.

Leila got a little off the top which left her with a cute little bald patch.

But Sarah, poor Sarah, got it the worst. Because Sarah already twirls her hair and it falls out in chunks, she was already pretty bald.

Joshua decided to even things out and cut off the few long locks she had that were hanging down in the back. My little girl now sports a rat tail!

Jason wants me to cut Sarah's hair off so she will stop twirling and it will grow back thicker. My mom wants me to cut Leila's hair too so that Sarah doesn't feel bad. And me? Well, I just want to super glue the cut hair back on her head and call it a day.

Yesterday was a better day than Monday. Matthew did a great job at OT and everyone was in a good mood. If only we hadn't had ANOTHER cracked windshield, it would have been great. (Did I tell you all about the windshield in Jason's SUV that somehow cracked in 4 places when I was at Home Depot one night?) Needless to say, I'm not thrilled about having to repair (or replace) another windshield. And in the van it's probably going to cost an arm and a leg.

Maybe I could trade Joshua's barber skills for a free windshield?

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