Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The great stroller contest

I won! I actually won!

I never win contests that require voting because I don't like asking people to vote for me. It makes me feel... weird. But this time I posted about it on a message board that I frequent and emailed my parents. Apparently they contacted everyone they knew and somehow i got a ton of votes from people I don't even know! I am feeling so grateful today.

And here is my "acceptance speech" so just picture me waddling up to the podium to claim my prize. (waddle, waddle, waddle)

"I'd like to thank God for blessing me with all of these children, some of whom like to come two at a time. I'd like to thank Jen for being so generous and giving away a perfectly new stroller. Thank you to the fine folks at Chicco who offered the stroller to Jen in the first place. Thank you to all of my loyal readers who shamelessly voted for me. Thank you to my parents who I am quite sure contacted every person they have ever worked with and asked them to vote for their poor, crazy daughter. I believe that most of the government employees in DC and Denver have now heard my life story. Thank you to the fabulous ladies over at Naturally Parenting Twins (NPT rocks!) Who knew Moms Of Multiples could be so fiercely competitive when voting for a fellow MOM? I'd also like to thank my children for being such awesome little people. (I love you guys!) Lastly, thanks to my dear husband Jason. For without his contribution there would be no twinsanity."

That is all.

Stay tuned for pictures of us rocking the new ride!
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