Saturday, July 19, 2008

Need Your Votes!

I shamelessly entered a contest on another a blog I read, Amazing Trips. Jen is giving away a double stroller. While I have a Maclaren double already, I listed it on Craigslist when I bought the quad stroller. The Mac is getting old and it's lasted me through both boys and the girls. It's not going to make it through 2 more of my children. And I can't exactly put the boys in the lavender double jogger that I stupidly bought last summer for the girls. As an option to the enormous quad stroller (that won't fit into the elevators) it'd be nice to have a double to use. Besides, I just might get to escape with just 2 or 3 children. (I can dream, right?) At the least I could strap a baby in the front Mei Tai and a baby in the back and put the girls in the double and hold the boy's hands.

Anyway, to the point... I need votes! If you click on this link you can get to Jen's blog where you can vote on the left sidebar. I'm the third name on the list.
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