Thursday, May 08, 2008

Still ill

Pretty much sums it up...

I'm still sick. The worst has passed but I am still coughing up nastiness and having lots of sinus issues. It's 4 weeks and counting...

I made it to the LLL conference after a hellish week that involved multiple appointments. I had to drag all 4 kids out 3 days in a row and spent a miserable afternoon at an OB appt. with all of them carrying on in the office.

The recent events have just further reinforced our decision to move home. We are hoping to sell our house this summer and get me moved back home by the fall, right after the babies come. It all depends on how the timing works out, but the sooner, the better. I cannot survive the way things are going now. When I'm as extremely sick as I have been, I need to be able to call someone to help with the kids.

This pregnancy has sucked the life out of me already. I'm run down physically, emotionally, and mentally. And I still have 19 more weeks!!!

I desperately needed to visit the chiro before we came home to visit. It didn't happen because there was no way I was taking all of the kids there with me. Now my pubic symphysis pain is so bad that I'm unable to sit or walk comfortably. A little early for this nonsense I think!

I'll be quiet for the next couple of weeks until things settle down. Don't worry, I'll have Jason update if I really do end up coughing up a lung.
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