Monday, April 28, 2008

And yes, I'm still dying

For anyone wondering, YES, I am still sick! I have been having a lot of trouble breathing. Jason returned home late Friday night and I went straight to the hospital. I am taking antibiotics now because I just have no other option. My fever is hovering right between 100.6 and 102.7 degrees. I absolutely need to get better before the weekend!

Friday is when I leave for the LLL conference. We return home on Sunday and then leave again first thing Sunday morning to drive to VA. I'll be in VA until Memorial Day weekend, although Jason will return home sooner. I'm driving back by myself-with the kids and the dog. Luckily I've done this drive dozens of times by myself so it shouldn't be a big deal aside from my inability to sit now!

Oh, and last Friday I posted about being sick, right? I laid the girls down that afternoon for a nap and sat down on the couch. No more than 30 seconds after I sat down the boys came out to tell me that they had spilled paint in my bedroom. I assumed they had gotten into the finger paints so I was irritated but not worried about the carpet. WRONG.

The boys decided (meaning M decided) to carry 4 gallons of latex semi-gloss and put them on Jason's desk chair. One fell (because they were unopened and heavy!) and hit the bed frame. I spent 4 hours cleaning paint out of the carpet in a futile attempt to save us from needing to replace the carpet before we sell. This house is only 2 years old and we've already ripped the carpet out of every area except the bedrooms because of these kids! Such is life...
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