Friday, May 16, 2008

Still breathing

It appears the worst is over! All that remains of my horrid illness is a sinus infection and the fear of ever going through THAT again. My lungs are still in my chest, where they belong.

I'm still in VA but Jason is back home now. It's been a classic week for me-a comedy of errors. Last night I was getting the kids ready for bed and the boys were going crazy. (What is it about Grandma's house that gets them all riled up?) The girls were taking baths but L wanted to get out and was asking to go to bed. This is very out of character for her. I got her out and dressed for bed and while she was brushing her teeth, S pooped in the tub. And threw it out onto the floor. My mom would die if she knew. I cleaned it up fast.

Today L woke up with a fever. She was pale and lethargic all day and didn't eat anything. Thank goodness she's still nursing! This afternoon, when I was changing Sarah's poopy diaper, L threw up on my mom's recliner and carpet. I was frantically wiping a butt with one hand and directing spray of vomit with the other. Luckily the clean up was easy since she hadn't eaten anything! Still yuck though!

Now just pray that we don't all catch whatever it is... because my immune system has recovered from the past 5 1/2 weeks and my body can't handle another illness. And the last thing I feel like doing right now is cleaning up after 4 sick kids.

In other news, I saw a doctor up here for a quick check-up. I've been charting my own fundal height, BP, and weight but my doctor back home and I agreed that I should be seen to check for TTTS since I am gone so long. I've gained over 30 lbs so far and I'm 22 weeks, 3 days now. My belly is measuring 43 inches around already! Fundal height was 30 cm and because of my freakishly short torso, my fundus has reached the bottom of my breasts. Good-bye normal breathing! Jason teases me because I'm always out of breath.

The babies both looked good on the quick u/s-plenty of fluid and sizes appear to be concordant. The baby on my left has been breech and his brother is kind of wedged up behind him. My belly is totally lopsided. They are both very active but I usually feel the baby on the left more and just get some random kicks and punches from the baby on the right. And yes, they are still nameless. Jason is calling them unborn twin #1 and unborn twin #2. He says it in a most affectionate way which is shocking to me since he has had such a hard time with this.

The kids and I are planning to head home next Sunday. My dad is flying in next Saturday and we wanted to see him once before we leave. I hope I can stay awake for the entire drive back! I am going to leave at the crack of dawn to (hopefully) avoid my late afternoon drowsy period. I'm dreading going back to our house and normal life. I wish I could stay here forever. I love being back home-even if the traffic is atrocious and we can't afford to buy groceries or gas. Gotta love DC!
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