Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another woe is me post


Everyone is sick. Just when I started to feel a little bit better, the coughing is back full force. Coughing so hard I wet my pants. Coughing that makes me have constant contractions. Coughing that makes my belly ache constantly.

But it's not just me! Joshua's cough and wheezing are so bad that he has been vomiting since Saturday. I've been cleaning up puke for a week! What started with Leila and her innocent fever has escalated into this horrible, nasty respiratory infection. Even Matthew has it.

I swear we are normally healthy people. We eat well and take care of ourselves and we don't usually get sick. So what gives? Why is this happening?? Nothing is helping-not homeopathic remedies, not probiotics, not vitamins and supplements... not even good old Western medicine in the form of steroids.

This is freaking ridiculous. It's been over 6 weeks since I first got sick. Is it possible that I somehow passed the virus that caused my pneumonia back to the kids? Even my mom and her husband are sick now. We've contaminated everyone!

I am so drained by all of this. I'm torn between wanting to go back to our house and never wanting to go back there again. I miss Jason though, so we will be headed back this weekend. And then we'll see how long I can avoid everyone. I am hoping to not leave my house again until the babies are born. You think that'll work?
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