Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM)

April is Cesarean Awareness Month!

I'm proud to say that I submitted a proclamation to our governor and he signed it! Last year he didn't sign it so I was pleasantly surprised. I sent copies of it to the local media and hopefully someone will pick up the story. I'm going to have Jason take a picture of me with the signed proclamation so I can post it.

ICAN is making a big impact this year with the new website, publicity from the Trust Birth conference, and some recent studies that have shown the safety of VBAC. This is all great news but there is still much work left to be done.

Rixa has highlighted some of the recent studies on her blog so you can check those out here. She also posted about the article that has been making news regarding cost of ERCS versus VBAC. This is an interesting read but you can check out the highlights here on her blog.

I also want to point out a fantastic article that Kmom wrote about women of size and VBAC. You can find the article here. Kmom is the creator of the wonderful resource Plus-Size Pregnancy. This website has a wealth of information for EVERY woman, not just plus-size women. Her information is well-researched and very thorough. I urge you to check it out.

I also wanted to share a link to a friend's blog where she recently posted about her cesarean experience. You can read it here. It was very difficult for me to read because I met Christy in person and shed tears with her as she shared her story with me.

April is not only CAM but also the month of the girls' birth. I can honestly say that 2 years ago as I anticipated their arrival, I never expected to be sitting here, pregnant with twins again. I am unsure what the future holds for me this time but I am hoping and praying that it ends with 2 healthy babies and another peaceful birth.
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