Monday, February 18, 2008

A first time for everything

Friday was an exciting (and exhausting) day! I had 2 clients who were due a month apart. Thursday morning the first mom called to say she was having bloody show. Thursday afternoon the mom due in March called me to say they were admitting her to the hospital. I knew I was in trouble.

It ended up being a long labor for both moms. I stayed with the first mom until the second mom called. By then my friend/doula-in-training arrived. She was originally going to shadow me at the second mom's birth. I ended up needing her to labor-sit for the first mom and thankfully she was happy to help me out. These moms were in different hospitals but just a few minutes apart.

I ran over to the second mom and stayed until she had her baby. Then I turned around and headed back to the first mom and my friend went home. After that baby was born I headed home where my friend was now staying to keep an eye on my sleeping kids. She is such a lifesaver!

When it was all said & done I spent 22 hours at births and went a good 44 hours without sleep. I was a wreck for the entire weekend. Today I am feeling recovered and hope to never have to do that dueling labors thing again!
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