Monday, February 25, 2008

7 Random Facts

I get "tagged" a lot for these things but never seem to find time to answer them. Today I was woken up early by M crawling into my bed so I'm going to sit down and do this. Most recently I was tagged by Pann and Lizzie.

Here are 7 random facts about me...

1. In life BK (before kids) I used to spend a lot of time writing and painting. I mostly like to paint murals. I haven't had the time to do any in our house here though we have lived in it for over 2 years now. I rarely write anymore at all although someday I will get around to writing a book.

2. I love to sing. I sing a lot in the car now but I used to perform in several different choirs and did show choir in school. I just love it and used to want to be a singer. (I still do but life has taken a different turn for me for now.)

3. I hate my teeth. I've had brace twice already. The first time I spent 5 years in them and got them off just before high school. Then I got them again at age 19 and had them for another 2 years. Then my wisdom teeth came in (or tried to) and my teeth went back to being crooked. I paid for my second set of braces and all the work that has gone along with it. The orthodontists I've seen all agree that I need to have my jaw reset to fix the problem. I'm not up for that. So I'm getting braces again this year. I actually had an appt. to get them on but got pregnant before they could take the x-rays so now I have to wait. I've already spent over $10,000 on my teeth so what's a few thousand more, right? (Oh, and all 4 of my kids will eventually need braces because they all inherited my jaw problem. Yay!)

4. I was a vegetarian for 8 years. I started eating chicken in my early 20s. When I met Jason I was eating poultry and seafood. Somehow he convinced me to eat red meat by cooking me this romantic grilled steak dinner in a park one summer evening. I was scared to eat it because I thought it might make me sick but I was fine. And from then on I have eaten meat, especially when I'm pregnant. Sometimes I think about cutting out meat again but for whatever reason I just don't do it.

5. I have never met my best friend in person. One of my closest friends is someone who I have known for over 6 years. We met when we were pregnant with our first children and we've been through 3 pregnancies together. She's the first person I tell when something is going on in my life. I love her, trust her, and know I will get to meet her someday. It may sound crazy, but we've talked on the phone and we talk daily on the computer, and I really have a special bond with her. And I'm 99% sure she is not a middle-aged, fat, bald man.

6. I used to be an orgainzation freak back in life BK. I have always been very neat and love to clean. It has been a huge adjustment for me to be able to let things go a little. Now my house is always a mess and somehow I just learn to live with it. It still stresses me out and literally keeps me up at night sometimes, but there is not much I can do about it.

7. I may move home next year. This a huge for me... I have been homesick since the day we moved away. I spent the first 23 years of my life in the DC suburbs and I do miss it a lot. I don't miss the traffic, the cost of living, the crime, the crowds, and the stress. But I miss my home and my family. Jason and I are talking about me moving home (him staying behind) after the babies are born so that I can have help. I have no family here (closest family is over 600 miles away) and no real support system. I did it alone after I had the girls but it was very hard on me. I know I'll need help with housekeeping, cooking, and caring for 6 young children. Jason will be leaving for about 6 months at some point. It could be this fall, it could be this winter... we just don't know. So he suggested that we sell the house and I move home and rent a place (yeah, right... I don't see THAT happening!) while he is gone. I wish my mom could retire but she can't until 2012 when she turns 55. I know I can't do this alone so I'm not sure what we'll do...
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