Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finding Out

Today I am coherent enough to recall exactly how I found out about our big surprise. It's actually quite funny!

I had been contemplating an ultrasound for several weeks because I was just feeling like there might be twins again. I would get up my nerve to go to the doctor and then change my mind and stay home. I had a few friends telling me that I should just wait and that it was probably only one baby. I would have listened but I'd been waking at night because I couldn's stop wondering.

Yesterday I woke up and went to sick call at the OB clinic on post. I haven't even had an appointment with them or anything, but I did go in and take a pregnancy test so that I had "proof of pregnancy."

There was a young, male intern working with the OB. I told him my history and he repeated everything to the OB. They set up everything for the u/s. It was pretty hilarious because the intern was supposed to be doing the exam but he was so flustered (he was blushing!) that the OB took over.

As soon as he turned on the u/s machine this was our conversation:

OB: You're in trouble now!

Me: Whyyyyy? It's not twins is it?

OB: It sure is.

Me: Are you SERIOUS?

OB: No, I'm not serious. My name is _________.

Me: You're not funny. I don't believe you.

OB: You don't beileve me! Ha!

(At this point I sit up on the table and grab the screen and turn it so that I can see.)

Me: Oh my gosh!

(I collapse back onto the table. By now I am hoping that it's just two and not three.)

OB: There are definitely two in there.

Me: This is crazy! I will be nursing 4 children! How did this happen?

OB: I think this is great. This is hilarious!

Me: I am glad I could entertain you.

OB: We will be talking about you all week. Ha! This is great.

Me: You are not very funny.

OB: Do I need to put in a psych consult for you?

Me: Not for me, but maybe for my husband.

OB: This is great.

That was my morning! And then the OB prints off some pictures and hands them to me. I leave the office unsure of whether I'm even capable of driving in my condition.
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