Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Pregnancy dreams are always exciting, right? I usually have some really crazy dreams when I'm not pregnant so when those extra hormones are flowing they tend to be really wild. (And I'm not just talking sex dreams here either.)

Since the beginning of this pregnancy I have been having dreams about multiples. Usually they are triplets, sometimes twins. Last night was a first for me when I had a dream that I gave birth to quadruplets. A girl and three boys. I was actually nursing them all too. It was crazy!

I went ahead and scheduled an ultrasound for next week. We need to make sure that the babies are in separate amniotic sacs and verify whether they are sharing a chorion and placenta or not. The risk of TTTS is just too real for me and I need to make sure I know chorionicity so I can make good decisions about possible backup prenatal care. (And secretly I'm wondering what on earth I'd do if there were more babies hiding in there?)

With previous pregnancies I've always had a sort of premonition about the next baby. While pregnant with Matthew I had a dream that I was put to sleep and awoke to find out I had delivered a HUGE, walking toddler with blonde hair and green eyes. When Matthew was born so scrawny and with dark hair and brown eyes, I thought nothing of the dream. Then I had Joshua-my blonde, green-eyed 11-lber born by cesarean.

While pregnant with Joshua I had a dream that I delivered twin girls with strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. They were born in my friend's (non-existent) conversion van. Fast forward to the next pregnany and I had twin girls with dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Of course they weren't born in a van though.

I don't remember any premonition-type dreams with the girls. I have no idea what to expect this time around. I don't have any feelings about gender but everyone seems to think boy/girl would be nice to keep everything even. Two girls would be easy as far as clothing goes of course. My mother is dying to find out what I'm having but I told her that I don't want to know. The ultrasound next week would be too early to tell anyway. If the babies have separate placentas I'm not planning to get any other ultrasounds so that should frustrate her to no end.

I wonder what tonight's dreams have in store for me?
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