Thursday, December 27, 2007

Disney travel tips needed!

I desperately need some advice, especially from you experienced multiples moms. (Any triplet moms reading?)

In January we are taking the kids to Disney World and Sea World. We've been to both before but our last Disney trip was when Matthew was a baby and our last Sea World trip was just before the girls started walking last Christmas. Taking all 4 of them to the parks is going to be a new adventure.

My biggest concern right now is accessibility. When we visited Sea World last year we took 2 double strollers and plan to do the same this year. However, we sold the Sit & Stand tandem stroller so now we just have 2 double joggers and a double Maclaren umbrella. I was looking at cheap double umbrellas when I came across this and oh, how I want to have it! However, my practical side is saying we don't need it. We have a 4 car Choo Choo wagon (thanks Michele for the advice!) and the kids love it. We can't bring it to the parks though.

Should I buy a cheapy double umbrella? Bring the Mac and the huge double jogger? Buy 2 cheapy single umbrellas and buy a connector for them? Where do you find those connectors anyway? Do they hold up? Any thoughts?

Next on my list is the logistics part. Usually Jason and I can't ride anything together because we don't have anyone to watch the kids. For this trip we have asked Jason's older sister (and her husband and son) to come along. This means extra help! We plan on doing the Fast Pass option and we'll also pick up some Guest Assistance Cards because my brother-in-law is in a wheelchair and Matthew's doctor is sending a note about autism and difficulty with sensory processing, etc. Hopefully this will make things a little easier on us but my SIL and BIL wont be staying the whole week with us so we'll be on our own for the last part of the week.

I know people go to Disney all the time with big families and/or multiples. The family from Jon & Kate Plus 8 took their twins and sextuplets there this summer. So I should be able to handle it, right? Someone please tell me I can handle it. And please tell me your tips for making this a fun vacation and not a nightmare!
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