Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year, A New Beginning

I am sad and somewhat relieved to see 2007 go and I am excited and nervous about seeing what 2008 has in store for our family. I hope you all have a wonderful year!!!

Soon we will find out about Jason attending OCS. Soon my brother will go to court and hopefully put his legal mess behind him. Soon I will attend my 10 year high school reunion!

This week has been very difficult for me. It started on Sunday with a mom in labor. She had a beautiful, peaceful hospital birth and had an 8 lb, 10 oz baby boy with a nuchal hand. Her doc was very hands-off and it was the least interventive birth I've ever seen in a hospital.

I came from the birth and "celebrated" my 28th birthday. It was yet another disappointment for me when my dad did not call. My brother did not call either. The ONLY call I got all day was from my mom and she called in the evening so the entire I wondered if she had forgotten again too. (She has only forgotten once in 28 years.) My dad forgets every year lately and this year it was just because he was skiing and was busy. He called yesterday-finally. I'll never forget the first birthday he forgot (that I noticed.) It was my "Sweet 16" and he was skiing and left me home by myself for the weekend.

Anyway, Jason and I were supposed to go out to dinner & a movie for my birthday. I called my friend who had offered to watch the kids and suddenly she refused to watch them saying something about me paying her. I was dumbfounded. Needless to say, I was very hurt. I emailed her and told her that she hurt my feelings and received no response.
ETA: We finally talked and she never got my first email. The whole babysitting fiasco was just a misunderstanding. Hopefully sometime before the kids go to college Jason and I will go on a date again!

On Monday Joshua had his post-op appointment with the surgeon who did his frenulectomy. She recommended we get him back in with the speech therapist ASAP because they may want to do the surgery again. He has a very visible improvement and can now extend his tongue past his teeth but still has a limited range of motion and cannot extend his tongue past his lips. His tongue also still pulls back in the center making that heart shape that is the typical indicator of tongue-tie. Hopefully the speech therapist will be able to work with what he's got because I really don't want him to have to get it fixed again!

On New Year's Eve both boys stayed up until midnight and watched the ball drop on TV. Then we watched some great fireworks courtesy of our neighbors. Joshua played games on the computer all night and never got tired at all. He was so proud of himself!

This morning I got a phone call from my dad. I knew something was up when he called at 8am (which is 6am in Denver.) My heart was pounding as I answered because I thought it was about my brother. (My parents were worried he may commit suicide.) My dad was just letting me know that he totaled his truck last night. He was leaving his house in the mountains and driving back to his home in the suburbs of Denver when he went off the mountain road his house is on and flipped his truck over a few times. He and his wife and cat were in the truck and thankfully they are all ok. It was a little traumatic for all of them though!

Later this morning I get an email from my mom and there is a forwarded message attached from our church's former associate pastor's wife. Her daughter's friend is a 26-year old mom of twin girls who just turned one. On Monday she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. It is on both sides of her neck. This mother and her family need a tremendous amount of prayers. I can't even imagine what they are going through right now.
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