Saturday, September 29, 2007

Multiples Discrimination Revisited

Today I finally got a response from the letter I wrote to the library director about the stroller incident. I was so mad I couldn't see straight when I read it.

Basically, they reviewed my letter at the library board meeting. I had asked only for an apology from the library manager for the way I was treated. They have decided to refuse an apology, instead stating that "large strollers" are not welcome at their libraries. I suppose that this means that the single strollers that were there are alright, but the double strollers are not permitted.

I wish I knew what to do next. I'm going to write another letter. Obviously they don't care about the way the library manager spoke to me. My request for an apology was because of the rude comments he made to me. They don't think that he should apologize. I find this disturbing but not surprising. The director of the library system was nothing short of rude herself.

I guess we won't be returning to that library system again!
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