Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Leaping Lizards!

Ahh, another exciting day at my house...

Yesterday morning at 3:15am my husband's cell phone rang. In my sleep-deprived stupor I struggled to figure out whether it was my phone or his phone ringing. (Yes, I'm still on call right now so I sleep with my cell phone!) He didn't get to his phone in time. Seconds later our house phone starts ringing. It's work. They told him to be there at 4:15am. My husband is a linguist in the Army. Was this some national emergency? Some threat of terror or violence? Nope. My husband was awakened at 3 in the morning to go in for a urinalysis. A piss test, if you will.

After that lovely start to my day I went back to bed. My husband assumed that he'd be back home to change before work. I had to leave my house at 8:30 to get to LLL. At 8:05 I woke up and realized two things. First, my kids NEVER sleep in past 7am and they were all asleep! Daylight Savings Time has screwed us all up in my house. Second, I realized I was late. I still had to get dressed and dress all 4 kids, change 3 diapers, and make breakfast for myself and the boys!

I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. I fed us all, picked out M's clothes, took of J's diaper and dressed him, changed S & L's diapers and dressed them, and got myself ready. I loaded all the kids into the van and sped off to LLL. I actually made it almost on time!

After the meeting I called my husband who was still at work. By now it was noon and he had not been home yet. I got home, changed the girls, put a diaper on J for nap, and fed everyone. It was then that I realized someone was missing. Actually, someTHING was missing.

To back up a little, I should mention that while digging in the garden with me, M found a lizard. He caught him after a lengthy chase around the yard and I let him bring the lizard inside in a small plastic container. M fell in LOVE with this lizard. He carried him around the house and slept with him. Can you guess where this is going? Yeah, the lizard escaped. Our cat knocked the container over and the lid came off. Little lizard guy (Nemo was one of the many names M assigned to him) was lost in the boys' room!

After a 10-minute search I found the lizard climbing one of the boys' windows. M begged me not to put him outside and I gave in and we put the lizard back in his little home. An hour or so later M was playing with his cars when I noticed our cat, Pilchard, playing with something. It was the lizard! In his mouth! I could see now that this lizard was going to be in trouble if he stayed much longer, so out he went. M cried but when we let the lizard go we found another one on the side of the house. Now M wanted to keep both lizards of course.

This morning I went outside and saw that "our" lizard is still there on the side of the house. Maybe he is sick? M is convinced that the lizard loves him and doesn't want to leave. I love M so much!

Last night I decided to let the girls try a new solid food. So far we've done Cheerios and graham crackers. Last night was avocado! L LOVED it but S feel asleep in her highchair before she could taste any. (Daylight Savings Time strikes again!) L fed herself but I helped her eat a little with the spoon. She loved the spoon and promptly grabbed it from me and took her sister's spoon too. It was so cute!

Finally, at the end of the day I get ready to climb into bed. As I look over, this is what I see:

Sweet, huh?
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