Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Freak Show

Another twin mom that I am on an AP multiples list with, shared this video on her blog, The Twinkies. I just HAD to share it here too.

I particularly feel the need to share it with my mom. You see, we have had this discussion before several times. My mom thinks that I owe it to the general public to let them stare at, and make comments about, my twins. She says I should be grateful. I AM grateful though. There is not a day that passes that I don't thank God for giving me this incredible blessing. 4 beautiful, healthy, amazing children!

However, I do get tired of the constant attention sometimes. It takes forever to go anywhere. Every few feet I get stopped by someone to ask questions. The most common comment is "you have your hands full!" Next would be "Oh, TWO sets of twins? You are amazing!" Followed by, "Are they all yours?" and "Do twins run in your family?"

It's funny though. We used to constantly be asked if the girls were identical. We had a zygosity test done when they were about 5 months old and found out that yes, they are identical. Now, it's obvious so nobody asks that anymore. The thing that gets me is that they always assume the boys are twins too. Now, the boys are the same size and everything but they look so different... one is blonde, one brunette. One with green eyes, one with brown.

When I take the kids to the store by myself I take 2 double strollers. I push them both myself which definitely attracts some attention. I've found that if I make eye contact it is an open invitation for people to stop and chit-cat. Nevermind the fact that I never know when the next meltdown might strike and my time is always limited. I used to always smile and stop and talk, but now I find myself looking away and avoiding the attention.

Ask anyone who has gone out with me in public... YES, it is as bad as the triplet video! Even with "just" twins, I seem to be a walking freak show. I've been stopped in the ladies restroom more times than I care to admit.

Don't get me wring... I am so happy to have my twins and I love the attention sometimes. When I'm feeling the world's worst mother it is great to hear from some stranger that my children are beautiful. It just gets hard to push my double strollers through the crowds of curious onlookers...
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