Monday, March 12, 2007

Human Genes in rice??

This totally freaks me out. It's just wrong on so many different levels!

Basically, they are genetically engineering this rice to contact an immune protein to help children recover faster from diarrhea. Ummm, ok? The FDA is ok with this??? They want to add the rice to products like yogurt and granola. Am I missing something? We're going to risk contaminating crops everywhere because of diarrhea?

This just makes me even more resolved to feed my children foods that we grow ourselves or that are grown locally and responsibly. Today the kids and I spent the day outside gardening. It was so warm (I hate the south!) and the bugs were out. I dug out our garden and enclosed it with a small wooden border. I lined it with compost (from our HUGE compost pile) and clean dirt. Tomorrow the kids are going to help me plant our crops! Which makes me wonder what we'll plant? M loves tomatoes and I have some carrot seeds. What grows in the south? We've got so many bugs it'll probably get eaten anyway, but at least I'm making an effort!

My dream is to have enough land at our next house so that I can have a huge garden and some animals. We've got 1/3 acre right now but most of it is woods dropping off into a creek so we're not using it. I'd love to have an acre or two sometime in the near future.
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