Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Weekend

By the time I realize it's the weekend, it's over. It's really not fair that the weekend is only 2 days and the rest of the week is 5 long days! Of course the only reason I even know, or care, what day it is is because I want my husband home.

Here's a funny picture from yesterday:

The girls were so, so tired. One minute they were playing and the next minute they were out.

Saturday night we went ice skating with our FRG. It was great! I hadn't been skating in at least 3 years. An interesting fact about me... I used to skate competitively. I started as a rollerskater and in high school I took up ice skating. I was a skate guard at the local outdoor rink and taught lessons. I really miss that actually. It was so relaxing to be back on the ice. One of my husband's coworkers took some video of me spinning and maybe I'll be brave and post it here. It was M's first time on the ice and he did great! My husband couldn't hold him up very well because he's not really sturdy on his feet either, so I ended up skating with my little man instead. It was sweet!

This morning we overslept and missed church. We stayed up late last night and then with the time change, we just couldn't wake up. The kids were all up in our room but I was totally exhausted. I didn't even want to wake up... but that's another story altogether.

Today my exciting day included 7 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, cleaning poop off of the bathroom rug after J tried to wipe himself, cleaning the house, and scrubbing pencil off of the boys' closet doors. While I was doing all of this my husband was getting his car battery replaced (so we can sell it finally) and was gone for HOURS. Remind me why I look forward to the weekend again? I never get a day off anyway.

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