Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What I've been doing...

I can't believe it's been a week now since my last post. So much has happened since then!

Last Friday my friend came over to drop off some clothes for a yard sale that my MOMs (Mothers of Multiples) Club was having on Saturday. On Friday night I went to help set up the yard sale. It was pizza night at my house so I grabbed my pizza and scarfed it down as I raced out the door the second my husband got home. Turns out the pizza really upset my stomach!

Saturday morning I was at the yard sale at 7am to help run the sale. It was great and I made $200 in sales. Plus I got rid of a crib, high chair, and toddler bed. (We had 3 cribs and 3 high chairs so the extras had to go!) While at the sale I got a call from my friend telling me that she was in labor.

After the yard sale I rushed home and fed my babies. I ate some lunch and then headed over to Macy's for our LLL fundraiser. When I got there one of my co-leaders filled me in on some DRAMA with another non-profit group. Macy's does this event called "Shop for a Cause" and lets non-profit groups sell discount coupons. On the day of the sale the groups go to the store and stand at the doors selling coupons. Last fall our group had a great turnout from this fundraiser and we were excited to participate again. Unfortunately another group decided that their group was the only one worthy of donations and got into a confrontation with my co-leader when she went near "their" door. DRAMA!!!

I helped at Macy's for a few hours before heading home to try and nap. My friend would probably have her baby that night and I needed my rest. Right? Wrong! I went home but there was no nap. And no baby.

Sunday morning I skipped church in anticipation of the baby's arrival. Plus, my husband was leaving that afternoon to spend the week at a language immersion class so I needed my last few moments with him before I was on my own with the kids all week. We had lunch and he left while the kids cried at the door. Sunday night I went to bed exhausted.

Around 3am Monday morning my phone rang. It was my friend saying to come now. She had contractions and bloody show since Saturday morning but that was the extent of her progress. She said the contractions were now 3 minutes apart so I called my other friend (a postpartum doula) and she came over to watch my sleeping kiddos.

I arrived at my friend's house to hear her say that the contractions were spacing out again. To make a VERY long story short, I was with her on and off all day. There were tears, she was exhausted and discouraged. I used EVERY single positioning trick I know of to help her baby get into a better position. Our chiropractor came and made a house call.

Finally she decided to send me home for the evening. I knew when I left that I'd miss the birth. I did. I guess it's karma since she missed my last birth. (She had gone out of town for 36 hours and of course my twins were born the day that she returned, about 5 hours before she was home.) She had a beautiful, unassisted waterbirth (HBAC) and had a gorgeous little girl.

I spent the rest of Tuesday recovering. I have yet to catch up on sleep though! I was supposed to host a meeting at my house but had to cancel it when I realized I was never going to get out of my pajamas in time.

Today I was supposed to go to a meeting at someone else's house but missed that too. I needed to go grocery shopping and it took a little longer than expected. I allotted 2 hours to get the kids in the car, get groceries, and get home. It took me 2 hours just to get to the store. Then it took us an hour to get 4 bags of groceries. Everyone and their uncle stopped us to look at the kids. The twins got most of the attention of course. In case you're wondering, I put the twins in the double stroller, J rode in the cart, and M pushed the stroller while I pushed the cart. Teamwork!

So now here I sit... filing my brother's taxes for him (2006, 2005, and 2004.) My husband is at the freaking Marriott with a MAID?!? He better not get any ideas... I'm counting the hours until my husband gets home. He'll be back on Friday or Saturday. I swear I'm not leaving the house until then.
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